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4Reel Bracket

A dispensing bracket for wire reels.

The 4Reel Brackets clamp onto a standard 2×4 wood stud and can hold multiple 1,000′ NMD reels/romex reels. Reduce your installation time with these rigid, high-quality wire dispenser brackets.

These brackets are cut with a laser, made with quality galvanized steel and are proudly made in America.  Placing full 1000ft reels on them is no problem for these brackets. The brackets also clip together for easy storage.  INCLUDES: 2 brackets and 2 release pins

  • 4 Reel brackets are made for a maximum of 4- 1,000′ Romex reels or weight equivalent.
  • For use on 2×4 wood studs only.
  • DO NOT USE on metal studs.
  • For use only on stud walls that are securely nailed to top and bottom plates.
  • Do not install 4 Reel Brackets more than 20″ high.
  • A piece of 1″ IMC or Rigid is recommended with heavier loads.
  • Use only the provided spring pins to mount 4 Reel Brackets to studs.
  • Load and unload brackets 1 reel at a time.
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