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ER-GO 50

Wire Reel carrying handle

Use the ER-GO 50 to add an ergonomic handle to any wire spool and make transportation faster and easier on your hands. Carry spools of electric wiring, steel cable, chain, or anything else. No other wire spool holder can seamlessly attach to wire reels like the ER-GO 50. 

Beyond using the Rack-A-Tiers ER-GO 50 to carry wire, you can also use it to unspool wire. Hold it in one hand and unroll the spool with the other. Suspend the spool from the ER-GO 50 to make it even easier. This wire reel holder works with most standard spool types. 

This wire spool handle is perfect for situations where you can’t roll your spools along the ground. Adding an ergonomic handle is the ideal way for transporting wire spools up or down stairs or through uneven terrain. From spool transportation to being used as a cable reel dispenser, ER-GO 50 is a must-have tool for electricians. 

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