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Open Splice Junction Box

Junction Box Wiring Made Easy

Open Splice Junction Box is a one-piece electrical junction box that helps you encase open splices in minutes. Open splices are a common, but dangerous, electrical wiring issue. They need to be repaired right away but with traditional junction boxes you can easily find yourself wasting time and money rewiring and remaking open splices. Wire splices left open need a wire cover, and none are as easy-to-use as this. 

Cut how much time you spend in damp crawl spaces and hot, dark attics trying to work in poorly designed standard junction boxes. Go from dangerous, illegal open splices done by amateur handymen to a fully installed and safe box with just 4 screws and a few minutes of your time. 

This ingenious electrical wire cover makes the routine job of repairing open wire splices less tedious. If the connectors are tight and undamaged, you can bring electrical work up to code without splicing wires from scratch with the Open Splice Junction Box

Mfg. Note: Always inspect the wires to make sure the connectors are in good shape before enclosing the splice.  

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I think this could be a handy item in certain situations, and I’m almost looking forward to finding my next open splice 😂


Great for code corrections on a house sale or a quick can you make this safe. Most of the time with the open air splices you’ll fight to take it apart and have enough left to splice.


This is a great option for taking care of those dangerous open junctions


Open Splice
Open Splice Junction Box P5 Spec Sheet
Open Splice Junction Box P25 Spec Sheet
Open Splice Junction Box Spec Sheet

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