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Skybender® - Lift Mounted EMT Bender

Conduit Bender That Mounts Directly to Your Lift Platform

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Skybender is the first and only EMT conduit bender that attaches directly to a scissor or boom lift. It’s like a deconstructed conduit bender with 3 shoes stacked on a base that mounts directly to the guardrails on your lift. The stationary design allows the user to bend conduit around it rather than manipulating a typical foot bender. Lock the pipe in with the retaining block to dial-in those perfect custom bends 2x faster than with a traditional bender. Unlatch and swivel it around its fulcrum for complete control.

The laser-etched angle demarcations are easy-to-read and in plain sight. This tool’s design is very user-friendly for all operators. All the markings work exactly like traditional benders, with no complex learning required. Using the Skybender requires minimal action and arm-pulling. The bench-vise mounting style allows for a comfortable upright working stance and really saves the body.

Skybender has two additional features:

1. An integrated hollow shaft to straighten or tweak those slightly over or under bends and

2. A built-in pipe reamer to deburr any cut ends. Take your conduit up with you and finish the job faster!

Grab a stick of pipe then bend, tweak, and ream entirely without putting the pipe down. Everything you could want from an electrical conduit bender in one durable and ingenious design.


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The Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST Quebec)

CNESST 2023 Regional Finalist for Innovation. This equipment, which is attached to the platform guardrail, allows the task to be accomplished safely while limiting effort. Thanks to this new tool, workers can accomplish their task safely.


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