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Soldering Clip for LED Tape Lights

Simplify the soldering process of LED tape lights!

An amazing little gadget created by an Electrician for Electricians. It makes soldering LED strip wires so easy even your most inexperienced apprentice will conquer the skill in no time. You can now provide a high quality, durable finish on full length LED strips in a fraction of the time. It will cut your costs and up your profits. The SolderM8 is now quickly becoming an essential tool in every professional Electrician’s toolbox.

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How to use:

  • The underside of the SolderM8 is equipped with a special suction cup-like adhesive that will stick to flat or textured surfaces at every angle, even upside down.
  • Simply secure your LED strip wires by clipping them to the device, and then dab solder on the newly jointed wires to form a bond. Then repeat the process as needed.

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