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Staple Shark

Pull out cable staples with ease

A cable staple remover on one end and a multi-purpose pry bar on the other, Staple Shark is a tool you will always want with you. The staple remover can pull out the oldest and most difficult-to-reach staples of any size without damaging the wire. When reaching through a tiny hole into a cramped space, the Staple Shark gives you increased reach and leverage. Remove staples much faster than you could with cutting pliers 

Turn the Staple Shark around to find a handy pry bar. Built with hardened steel, it is sturdy enough to pop out baseboards, pull nails, or other millwork. Having multi-use tools in your belt lets you carry less and do more. 

More than a staple remover tool, Staple Shark can be a pry bar, nail puller, speed square, staple holder for tight spaces, or even a bottle opener. From the first time you use this cable staple remover, you will realize how much time and energy it saves. 

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