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E-Z Roll Wire Rack

Portable Wire Dispenser on wheels

The E-Z Roll Wire Rack is the ultra compact and collapsible wheeled wire dispenser. When you’re ready to pull wire, wheel the E-Z Roll into position and dispense wire directly from your pipe bender or 1″ EMT. Collapsible for easy storage and handling.

Mfg. Note: The latest versions of the E-Z Roll have built in loops to allow you to extend your E-Z Roll with the E-Z Roll Multi Part# 55456.

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  • Rigid steel construction.
  • Light-weight design.
  • Durable “caution yellow” finish.
  • Compact (fits in any job box).
  • 150 lb. Load tested.
  • Holds reels up to 18″ (can handle 24″ in the middle of the conduit depending on spool hole size).

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