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Tug Wise Standard

Lazy Susan large wire dispensing tool

The Tug Wise is a Lazy Susan-style spinner for your large wooden or plastic wire reels. Fasten the Tug Wise to the base of your spool, flip it over, and start pulling wire. With this cable reel dispenser, you can pull wire reels with ease. 

Rather than using heavier and less portable alternatives like jack stands and reel wagons, Tug Wise can easily fit in your van. Plus, with Tug Wise you can pull wire in all directions with no adjustment needed. Faster, lighter, and more effective – Tug Wise makes pulling wire a breeze. 

Tug Wise reel stands are durable and built to withstand all types of weather. When used within the specifications provided, this wire dispenser is virtually unbreakable. Manufactured with highly durable polypropylene, this wire spool turntable will survive the heaviest workloads.  

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